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Lug 3, 2024
Vedic AstrologerVedic Astrologer

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart
Vedic astrology birth chart is a reflection of the universe which reflects the exact planet position of natal’s birth time. It shows the all travels of planets in different houses and joining with the other. We all know that planets travel in the universe continuously. At the time of moving they make a combination with other planet in natal’s birth chart. And these all planetary transitions show what would be going to happen in next moment of particular person’s life. Planet are responsible for our past, present and future activities. These birth charts shows the detail of sun and moon position with the other planet a specific combination which gives the malefic or benefic effects to the natal’s birth chart. Birth chart is the journey of the planets in individual’s life and help to know the happening things in the future or upcoming moment of life. And planet also describes the position value of the person’s every planet have its own specification like some represent love, some for career, some for marriage etc.


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