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Let's take a look at the week ahead spread. The theme of the week is The 10 of Wands. The weight of success might be taking its toll on you. This is the time to prioritize your responsibilities and make sure you're not doing the work others should be doing. The 2 of pentacles brings change and ask you to rebalance your life so you're not so overwhelmed with responsibilities. This also means addressing your distractions. Since it's next to an air card this could imply foolish management of time and resources. Make sure you're mind is focused and not wandering. You need to remember to be patient with people and not lash out at them due to being stressed out. Open your heart and share your . Don't be selfish and spend your time overindulging. Make sure your being conservative with your money and other resources. If you're experiencing a moment of success stay humble and don't become intoxicated with success. The wheel of fortune might be on the up swing but remember what goes up must come down eventually. Make sure you save something for a rainy day. With the Page of swords ending the week ahead spread it signifies you should not be impulsive. Again patience is being called for. This card also cautions you to be wise with your words. Avoid conflict do not engage in battle. Keep your mind clear and focused. Oracle message for this week is Frog 🐸, Renewal. Be willing to release any preconceived notions of how life should unfold. This is a time to be adaptable. Be willing to change; abundance and good fortune will follow. Fortune cookies 🥠 card is friendship. A friend needs your help, your kindness and excellent counseling skills will put them back on track.



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