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The Tarot Course Details

Listed below are some of the points that gives you a fair idea of what you can expect from this course, and the step by step process of Tarot Learning. It’s quite important for a tarot student/learner to practice at home also along with being attentive in the class.

Once you enroll for Tarot Card Reading Course, we will provide you Professional Tarot Reading Course in which we explain our students the meaning of each and every tarot card and then you become eligible for level two course that is Advanced Tarot Course in which we cover the below mentioned points.

Personalized Tarot Spreads.

How to interpret the cards according to Advance Method.

Which spreads to use according to the situation.

Experiencing the Tarot Card Energies.

Become convenient with Card Energies.

Providing Live Practical Tarot Sessions.

Remedies by Tarot.

Once you complete both levels, we give Certificate for Completing Tarot Card Reading Course from Tarot School of India (LLP).

Tarot is a blessing from God Tarot is a deck containing 78 cards. Each card has some symbols , number and image drawn on it.

Tarot cards has been used over the centuries to help and give guidance. Tarot can help you to understand and deal with particular problem/situation in a better way. Tarot also helps in bringing awareness and helps in making right decision at the right time.

In Tarot Reading, our approach toward these cards matters a lot, like how to spread them, how to keep them, how to interpret the meaning of cards on different occasion. In general, the beginners in Tarot Card Reading believe that it’s they who choose the card. However, it’s never like that, instead, it’s the card that chooses you to pick it up. It’s the consciousness that plays an important role and cards pope up.

Accuracy in Tarot is determined by the Clarity of question, ability and knowledge of the tarot reader to judge what cards indicate at that time for question asked.

Tarot reader must know the meaning of every card in depth, and the environment surroundings. Each card position in a spread carries a particular meaning.

The entire Tarot Cards deck contains 78 cards in total. Out of these 78 cards, 22 cards are known as Major Arcana cards (Greater Secrets), starting from ‘The Fool’ to ‘The world’ card. The remaining 56 Minor Arcana cards (Lesser Secrets) consists of 40 pip cards and 16 court or people cards.

The 40 pip cards are further divided into four suits, which includes; Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups. Each of the four suits contains ten cards.

At last, the remaining 16 court cards consists of Page, Knight, Queen and King of above 4 suits.

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