Exploring the Spirit World 3Exploring the Spirit World 3

If you want deeper access to the spirit world, individualized attention, and a fun learning environment; this is the Zoom class for you!

About this event

The first three people to sign up will receive a FREE 30 minute phone Spiritual Assessment Reading ($175 Value) with Susan at the completion of the course.


***Select the date May 25th when purchasing your ticket! (You will then be enrolled for all 6 dates!)

About this Course

Whether you want to better understand how to work with your guides and angels, or you wish to get deeper evidence in mediumship; through this 6 week Zoom course, you will learn techniques to access these realms for clearer and more concrete communication.

Regardless of how new or experienced you may be to the metaphysical world, Susan can help you attain deeper knowledge. Not only is Susan a Los Angeles based professional psychic medium who does public demonstrations, private readings around the world, teaches multi levels in psychic and mediumship development, and loves all things metaphysical, but she is also a retired high school teacher who holds teaching certificates in both NY State and California, and therefore understands how to get the best results from her students. She will help you gain deeper understanding and confidence in learning to navigate, not only your clear seeing, clear feeling and clear knowing, but also your connection to the Spirit world. Each fun and lively session will give students individualized attention; and with 25 years of teaching under her belt, be prepared to be in very capable hands.

*Deepen your relationship with your guides and angels.

*Learn specific techniques that improve your natural abilities to receive mediumistic evidence.

*Improve/achieve a meditation practice.

*Navigate the spiritual realms.

*Meet like minded spiritual people.

This course is designed for a limited amount of participants to allow for individual attention.

Private Santa Monica Residence

2829 2nd Street

Santa Monica, CA 90405

United States

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