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The week ahead spread. Let's see what's in store for use this week.
The theme of the week is The 2 of Cups. New friendships or other types of relationships are forming. If you're in a relationship this card indicates you're relationship going to the next level maybe even the news of a pregnancy. The 5 of Wands is indicating we start the week off with some kind of strife or disagreements. Make sure you're well equipped before confronting someone you might even have to settle this disagreement in a court of law. The 6 of Cups is slightly affected by the Wands card next to it and hints at having difficulty experiencing happiness at this time. It is backed by another cup card on the other side which is indicating an unexpected gift is on its way. The 10 of Cups is about getting what you've been wanting. This could be the gift of the six of Cups. More importantly this card is about happiness and enjoyment of friends and family. The 3 Cups helps us move away from the strife at the beginning of the week. This is about enjoying yourself with friends and celebration. The card next to this is a fire card and then adds a layer of caution. Avoid drama and overindulging, party but do so with moderation. The wheel of fortune brings this week to a close moving us to the next phase of the cycle and opening us up to new opportunities and advancement brought on by good fortune. Although things are on the up swing don't for get to set something aside for a rainy day. Oracle message is Toadstools, Growth. Beneath the surface of your life, miraculous changes are occurring. Something you thought was ordinary is in fact remarkable. You are in a time of rapid spiritual and material growth. Fortune cookies 🥠 card is Sunshine. The sun is shining on you, career and business growth, fabulous communication in relationships.


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